London Tapas Bars We Recommend

In a change to our usual discussion (all about us and how great our food is!) We’ve decided you might be interested to read a little bit about other great restaurants. Therefore, we’ve put together a review of our favourite tapas restaurants in London. You could never say we don’t care about our customers when we’re willing to write so enthusiastically about the competition!

As we all know, when it comes to visiting a good restaurant what comes to mind is; good taste of food, restaurant atmosphere, presentation and quality of service. Of course, in London there are quite a number of restaurants that fit in to this category. This review is not meant to be definitive, but is our opinion based on many years of catering experience. We hope you agree that these restaurants are worthy of a cap tilt from Pinecroft Restaurant.

Copita Del Mercado

Copita Del Mercado is said to be an offspring of the Copita restaurant which is in Soho, although it is located in Shoreditch, central London. Copita Del Mercado is considered to be one of the best tapas restaurants in London. The restaurant is coupled with a fairly good ambience. The food is quite promising OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAespecially the roasted sweet potato served with spicy red pepper sauce and rosemary peanuts.

There is also quite a wide range of drinks which are more extensive than the Soho original. When it comes to the staff, they are quite gracious and welcoming. This is a tapas bar in Shoreditch you would definitely want to try out!

Drakes Tabanco

This is a mouthwatering tapas bar located in central London. The restaurant is quite modern and stylish characterized by high ceiling.

The menu is coupled with a long list of tapas and very few substantial mains. The menu also favours vegans Drakes londonand as result overflows with vegetarian options. For all the pork lovers out there, there is the iberico which is basically sliced pork characterized by sweet and nutty flavour. Visit for more information.


Butch Annies

Butch Annies is mainly known for its burgers. OK, this restaurant isn’t strictly in London, nor is it a tapas bar. However, Butch Annie’s is so good we simply had to include it in our recommendations. Their burgers are great, especially the chorizo burger which is loaded with bacon, cheese and onions. The burgers taste damn amazing and it’s something you will want to eat over and over again.

Butch Annies is not just one of the better restaurants in Cambridge, they also offers a wide selection of beers including bourbon and tincup. The staff are really quite welcoming and friendly and from time to time they will be found sharing a laugh with customers.


What makes Barrica one of the best tapas restaurants london has to offer? Let me tell you! Opened in 2009, Barrica is an authentic Spanish restaurant located in Charlotte Street, London. The restaurant is characterized by black and white tiles, narrow tables and a bar stool style seating which creates a comfortable ambience. The space is quite attractive coupled with dim lightings.
barrica london
The food here is mouthwatering especially the Tortilla de Patata which is a Spanish omelet. If you are a fan of spice you wouldn’t want to miss on Jamon Iberico Cebo. This is pork meat that is tenderized with sweet and smoky flavors. The service is also top notch coupled with welcoming and friendly staff.


Copita is a Spanish word that means “sherry glass.” Copita offers restaurant and bar services. When you get in, the ambiance is characterized by high bar stools and a full bodied lighting system.

Some of the mouthwatering dishes that are served include a baked duck egg. This egg is served with aromatic girolles. The other thing you wouldn’t want to miss out on the menu is the summer truffles served with smoky peppers. For an impeccable service and great food, Copita should always be at the top of your list. It is located in the buslting area of Soho right in the centre of London. If you’re catching the tube into London then the closest is Oxford Circus Restaurants.  For more information visit

If you can only go to one of these restaurants during your stay in London then I would say that Copita just about tops the bill (pun intended!). It’s central location, great atmosphere and incredibly tasty dishes make it the perfect choice for any diner.

We hope you found this review to be helpful. We’re always trying new places to eat and especially other the best tapas restaurants looking for new inspiration. When we find more great restaurants we’ll be sure to let you know. For now though, trying one or more of the above restaurants will certainly not be a mistake!